Monday, November 18, 2013

Five Good Things

I think it is safe to say, Chango and Foo are friends.

Not BFF, or even bff. It's a little more tentative than that.

Chango allows Foo to chase him, he stops to let Foo bat his tail. Chango sleeps near Foo, and eats with Foo, and even refrains from walloping Foo. It seems as though, with Benjamin gone, Chango accepts that this little newcomer needs some patience, a little attention, acceptance into the fold, and so Chango plays with Foo, and is about as friendly as he can be. This makes me happy, for both of them.

Good Things...

1. We caught Inara... our escape bunny, who had us at her whim and mercy, stayed out two nights, and made herself almost impossible to return to the run, and her sweetheart, Malcolm.

2. William's vest is nearing completion, even after we decided to rip out the side seams and cut them again, trying for a better fit. Ahead: A lot of slipstitching.

3. William took a temporary job, and will be taking care of an amazing, eclectic, and even exotic collection of pets, including a tarantula, a snake, turtles, chickens, dogs, guinea pigs, fish, and a frog + more!

4. Maria got a haircut. Not a trim. A haircut... something she's wanted for quite some time. She looks happy!

5. The weather forecast calls for ten consecutive days with highs only in the sixties, and possible rain on Thursday! Fall, fall, fall. I do love fall, and rain, and clouds, and blustery, cuddly, snuggly weather!


Anna Banana said...

1. Chickenblog.
2. Young prince went to Mexico with an incredible group and built a house in 1 day.
3. Concert with so many difficult songs is over. Hallelujah!
4. Seedlings in the garden look like turnips, beets, carrots, and quinoa.
5. FRC returns soon from Thailand with stories and photos.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Your good things, are good indeed.
#1. really made me feel thankful to you for your constant support and encouragement... from the very start!

Emily said...

Thanks for stopping by this morning, and I'm happy to make a visit in return. :)
Love the kitties, and that is a list of five really good things...things I would be very happy about!
Have a great day!

Jennifer said...

So much goodness! I've stopped by recently, written long, juicy comments, and then had them just disappear into the ether without posting. Sigh. Maybe you've felt the good vibrations? In any case, it's lovely to come here and read about all the goodness.

Boo21's Mom said...

I'm cheering our forecast, too, from just east of El Cajon. I enjoy your blog.

judy in ky said...

Here are my five good things, on Tuesday morning (I'm a day late.)
1. Natalie's "Story Time" blog, which I just saw.
2. Bosco, Leo and William
3. The sun shining today
4. A good night's sleep last night
5. Hugged my next door neighbor yesterday

nikkipolani said...

Well, William certainly has experience with animals! I love your Mr Foo posts. Would that kittens would retain all their darling kittenish ways.