Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Egg Watch 2013 :: Could This Be?

I wish I could be sure. I do have my doubts. I found this beautiful egg in the rabbit hutch, but I am not sure it really is a first egg from one of our new hens.

It's not tiny, like the bantams might lay.

It's not large, like I would expect from any of the new hens.

It's not green or blue like we are hoping to get from the Ameracauna hens.

It's not chocolate brown like Cuckoo Marans lay.

Buff Orpingtons, like Lilikoi, lay pale brown eggs. Or, at least, Betty did.

It could be something Kamen managed. She hasn't laid an egg since summer, but none of our hens ever laid an egg with lovely brown freckles.

It's a pretty egg. One of our hens is to be congratulated.

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