Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Foo Who Stole Christmas

December 4

Once upon a time there was a small Foo, a wee kitty who warmed his polka dots and snuggles into our hearts. But for all the bits we love about him, there are some bits that leave a lot to be desired. He steals wool, he hides Legos, he absconds potatoes, and chews socks... especially socks on feet! He knocks over things, he bolts through stuff, climbs, scurries, scuttles, and runs amok. Will this tale have a happy ending?

Our faux fir, our Christmas tree is up. It's in the perfect spot, ready for lights and tinsel, and baubles, and our adoring gazes. And we were only a bit surprised when Mister Washburn Foo demonstrated typical feline curiosity, but we did hope, even believed, that it would be a fleeting attraction, that he would leave well enough alone, after seeing a Christmas tree is not the best hang out. We thought it was only a sweet, temporary moment.

December 5

But no. It's a moment too much... he's made the tree his fort, his tower, his domain. He scales the branches expertly. He lurks in the shadows, makes a nest in the boughs.

December 7

The day he found his tail in the tree, his furry frenemy, we knew he would never come down. High above us, in his perch, with his tail to entertain and torment him, he has no reason to leave his faux fir fortress.

He looks for his tail...

It's black, and long, sleek, and wily. Have you seen it?


It's December 8th, and we still cannot hang lights, or ornaments in our tree. We sprayed his nemesis fragrance: Peppermint, but to no avail. In fact, he took to chewing the branches and snapped one off, with a defiant gleam in his eyes.

December 11

As for our happy ending, at least he's decorating, now. So far he's carried up a feather he stole from Maria's hat, and wool he takes from the sewing box!

How thoughtfully he places his holiday cheer. How lovely the trinkets in Mister Foo's tree. But don't dare try to remove them, or add your own touches!

He's ready to spring, to remind you that this tree is his!


A new chapter in the Foo Saga: Tree Down.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, how adorable is that? Carrying a feather and a piece of wool to the top and declaring the tree his very own lair.


Cat said...

Oh, no! Watch for low flying furball! Must say, seems happy as a tree cat... ;)


Maria said...

Mister Foo looks just like my Homer cat! What a sweet and crazy boy. I'm sorry you didn't have the happy ending but it sure was fun reading about his faux fir lair! You should make this into a children's story book!!!