Friday, December 06, 2013

Egg Watch 2013 :: Day 2

No eggs today. Not from the goats. Not from the bunnies. Not even from the chickens. We aren't harassing them, not yet, but we are on a countdown. Hens will lay when they are between 20 and 24 weeks old. And we figure ours are about 22 weeks old. So. Any day now!

Do you have a sliver of soap at your sink, in a drawer? Bring it out, and find a window pane to frost. I suppose much of the world doesn't need to pretend their windows are frosted! I saw {another} inspiring craft on Pinterest, and it's so simple, and pretty! I jumped right in, and tested it with a big-fat-hen on her nest. Maria practically launched out of her seat when she saw me playing, so I handed over the soap to her. With a damp paper towel she could correct any errant lines, otherwise it's an easy and satisfying activity. And it bodes well for clean windows... someday!

Just draw with the edge of the soap. I traced her hands to make mittens, and we made a snowman, too. I may be through wishing for a visit from Jack Frost... nah, I'd still love to see real frosted window panes!

So far, there's only one big-fat-hen on a nest~

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