Saturday, December 07, 2013

Egg Watch 2013 :: Day 3

We had a false alarm this morning. Geoff and I exchanged glances... the look of two people who think they recognize the tones of an astonished hen: Egg! we exclaimed. But. No. It was not what we thought.

Even as I entered the run, and heard a rustling sound in the hutch, I thought this is it! But then Kamen stepped out squawking about something. She doesn't lay eggs. And she doesn't normally hang out in the new chicks roosting dorm... odd.

Then I noticed spots on the straw... blood spots. I followed a trail back into the cottage where the nest box showed signs, not of nesting, but a chase and upset, maybe? So, I am trying to figure out who, what, and where, and I am inspecting hens that are milling around me, and checking bunnies, who look fine. And the drops lead me back to the hutch, and Kamen.

Oh, Kamen... poor girl. What happened to you?

She has a wound on her left foot... looks like a toe injury. It's not bleeding much, and there's no sign of swelling. She isn't limping, or keeling over. Unless I can catch her, this is as much as I can deduce. I'll keep an eye on her.


Janece said...

Oh no! Poor Kamen. Is another chica asserting for head matriarch? That last photo makes the injury look far, far worse than a toe injury. No foot at all! ;)

Hoping all is well and the injury heals with ease.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

And headless, too. Oh dear.