Tuesday, December 03, 2013

What Lies Ahead

Last week, before Thanksgiving, and school breaks, before a Piratical birthday extravaganza, our dining table, aka Maker Center, was brimming with activity. And Mister Foo, being a Maker Cat, was really into it. Literally. Into the paints, into the thread, into the brushes, the Legos, the wool, the tools, the butter (oops), into the boxes.

He is a dextrous cat, a grab-it-and-dash cat.

Now the brushes are cleaned, the paints are packed, we saved the butter, and put away the tools. The vest is finished. And, I guess, I am just catching my breath, gazing into the future and focusing on the days ahead. It's important to sit quietly, reflect thankfully, and breath deeply when contemplating the future, especially a future that includes Christmas, baking, lights, living trees in the house, church, wrapping packages, plans, parties, and hopes, and wishes, and stories, and grace, and peace, and love, and joy! Oooh... it's dizzying. In a good way.

Good thing I am getting my ducks in a row.

Did you see what I did there? Ducks in a row. I can make myself laugh... an endlessly invaluable gift.

Geoff and I compared calendars, then Alex and I compared calendars, I ran some dates by Ruth, and confirmed our annual city holiday plan, and I even dashed over to Anna Banana's house, where we did more calendar work together! So many ducks! So many hopes and sugarplum visions! Anna Banana and I set dates for MNO, for making tamales, and for watching Elf. We have the Zoo on our calendar, making gingerbread houses, and more baking. There will be a second annual Solstice party. And Max and Alex have outlined unequivocal plans for their ideal Christmas... would you believe they say "no food" on Christmas? Apparently eating interferes with play, slowing you down, making you too sluggish, and that their energy comes from the pure pleasure of Christmas joy. They have other points and philosophies on the matter of opening presents, spending the day, appropriate attire, etc. It's oddly fascinating.

Fascinating and a teeny bit daunting, all these dates, appointments, and sugarplum visions. Best take my vitamins, and maybe take a cue from The Foo...

Naps. Definitely need to add naps to the calendar!

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Jennifer said...

Breathtakingly beautiful ducks in a row, I might add! Ah, the annual *whoosh* of the holidays ~~ sounds as though you're rushing in, in all the best ways. With naps, of course.