Thursday, May 08, 2014

Bird House & Barn :: Part II

... a Farm Report

The fence and gates are finished! Okay: Almost finished!

Ladies. Lady Chickens, you are paying your last visit to the porch, to our table, and our garden beds, to the peas in the barrel, and the cat's food. This is it. We have you surrounded. It's round-up time at the Bird House & Barn!

The gates are built, and installed. All that remains is to find and block any little slippy spaces, here and there, but otherwise, the final stage of our critter management project is complete. Now we have an open air barn, where everyone can bunk down, safe and sound, and we have a fenced play yard, for barnyard frolicking! Even the goats will be free to spread out and gambol!

We all came out to see the goats released into the new enclosure, because we knew it would be too much fun to miss. Of course, their first interest was in getting to the chicken's feed, then the bunnies' feed, then when they saw all those opportunities were blocked, they ventured further abroad.

Ada, there is vegetarian's buffet awaiting you! Go forth and weed!

The goats and chickens, bunnies, too, have the xeriscaped garden for browsing, cruising, dusting, sunbathing, and exploring. And of course, we can enjoy the same... well, minus the dust bathing, thank you. At dusk, everybody will be escorted back into the secure comforts of their enclosure. Tasha and Ada have already discovered that the fence is a 100' long back scratching post!

When Tasha and Ada figured out there was room for jigging and cavorting, we were treated to a hilarious show. Goats on cans! Goats on boxes! Goats over the shrubs! Goats leaping, twirling, head-butting, and springing. The chickens looked dismayed. Why? Why let the goats out? The chickens were not impressed.



Emily Cole said...

Have you clipped the chickens' wings?

ArtyZen said...

Great job! Our chicas have just eaten the corn that Cesar has planted - for them to eat...except he didn't mean them to eat it just yet..! Axxx