Monday, May 05, 2014

Five Good Things

The pocket doors are gone! There is a bathroom between two bedrooms upstairs, and for as long as we've been here we have battled with the doors... the pocket doors. I can appreciate the idea of doors that slide out of the way, where there is less room to have doors swinging out, or in. But oy. Those pocket doors were a nuisance. When they came off track, which was always, they were a cursing-maddening thing to repair. The hardware for them is between the walls, virtually inaccessible.

Anyway, you can imagine how useless those can become, when they worked so poorly. Finally, Geoff took them out. I thought we could hang curtains... the shower and toilet are on one side, with a regular, hanging door for privacy, so only the sinks were open. But, Geoff is more ambitious, and more talented, about these domestic dilemmas, and he resolved to turn the sliding doors into regular ol' hinged doors. They are a bit narrower, but after all his work, with William's help, they are nearly done! No more broken pocket doors! No more days of being locked out of the bathroom!

Maria asked to help, too. With the fresh coat of paint, the new doors are looking great. And we have one more project checked off the list.

This is how it goes when Geoff is off work... he gets to work! He's at the hardware store, now, getting lumber for the fence that will keep the free-ranging chickens slightly less free. Bringing me a 6"x6" post for my newest, and secret, Bird House enhancement and community connection scheme. I am super excited about this! Yesterday we discussed phase one of Operation Screened Porch; another project that I am thrilled to see taking shape. We were all discussing roof pitch and materials... looks like we are going with metal, Island Style! And, assuming it doesn't snow, our low pitch shouldn't be a problem.

Good Things...

1. We saw a video of Phil, on a therapy bicycle. His first ride since the stroke he suffered last month. Geoff's dad is making amazing recovery strides.

2. Geoff was able to spend time with Paul, and Grandma, his dad, and aunt Carol. And there was pickle ball with Holly and Georgia, too.

3. The heatwave broke. There was a deep, cool, lovely fog Sunday morning. What a relief!

4. Geoff and I are walking, together.

5. In our lasagna garden, our zucchini and squash are flourishing... lasagna, soon, I think!


Anna Banana said...

1. Eggs from my favorite egg provider.
2. Hugs from my favorite egg provider.
3. A walk on the beach in the late afternoon, talk about a good thing!
4. Wise words from my friend on the beach.
5 A new week with, shall we say, new "opportunities".

judy in ky said...

1. Nice weather
2. My Nook with Glow Light (no more flashlight under the covers)
3. Washer and Dryer (it's running at the moment)
4. Prescription cough syrup
5. John Lennon's "Imagine"