Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Good Choices

This is my view from the kitchen window... or, from outside, beneath my kitchen window. The raised bed is planted with cilantro, artichokes, peppers, tomatoes, basil, zinnias, peas, cucumbers, thyme, and roses. In pots we have flowers, mint, lemon grass, sage, and chives. The pineapple guavas are super tall and full of blossoms, the rosemary threatens to obscure the path entirely! In the distance, the Jacaranda tree is a lavender cloud, a whole month early, because winter never came. Moving most of the roses out of the raised bed was a good choice.

Maria's cottage... her cottage is there, as settled and right, as though it's been there for quite some time. Moving her playhouse was a good choice.

With some fresh mint, this is all we need for Lemon Mint Cucumber Salad. Seriously, only three ingredients, and it's done. Of course, if you have some little tomatoes, or mozzarella around... those make a tasty addition.

This is from the day I had an epiphany about dinner. I must, without fail, prepare dinner early in the day. That's it. With this one small choice, I seem able to alter the course of destiny, write a new outcome, restore some semblance of order and grace.

Late dinner = frustration, over-tiredness, poor choices, despair, and irritability.

Early dinner = grace, balance, harmony, calm, renewed faith in our dreams, and a willingness to do better.

I tested my hypothesis on Friday, when I chose our meal, then prepped everything early in the day. Before anyone felt hungry, before I felt pressed for time, and overly tired, I cooked. Having a plan, having prepared, actually cooking was so much easier, with fewer hassles. We ate, together, we cleared the table, and then some of us went on an evening walk at the beach. {Okay... the "clearing the table & beach walk" were definitely bonuses that I would not expect every time I cook an early dinner, but those marvelous things did, in fact, occur. So, you know: Nice.}

Now, compare Friday with Saturday, and the difference is clear. Saturday we had obligations elsewhere, and it was really hot, and I just never rallied around a dinner plan. We had a late lunch and I thought Fine, good enough, but by seven at night, everyone felt ravenous. I think hot days can do that... kind of suppress the appetite, until things cool off. But we were tired, and uninspired, so dinner was take-out pizza. Oh dear. After dinner we were just as tired, and no one cleared the table, and someone {prolly, me} fell asleep during the family movie time, and woke up full of regret, and a sloth-like disposition. Not great.

Early dinner = grace, balance, harmony, calm, renewed faith in our dreams, and a willingness to do better. Early dinner is a good choice.

I do love the view from the kitchen window.


warren said...

Looks loverly and your view beyond your yard looks pretty nice too! Oh how I wish our yard was put-together!

Unknown said...

Makes me excited for summer!

Unknown said...

This is so true about dinner prep. It's the same at our house too. I cannot tell you how many times we've had beans and rice because the day got away from me.

That salad looks tasty! Oh fresh garden picked veggies make me swooooooon!

judy in ky said...

As long as I know what I'm making for dinner the rest of the day just seems to flow…