Monday, June 30, 2014

Five {or more} Good Things

Sunday.  Sunday was a very good day.  Starting with the flowers growing at the turn signal on our way to meet Paul, and Holly, for breakfast, right through the thunderstorm at bed time!  We went to Cave of The Mounds, and explored limestone caves with amazing formations.  We found fossils and gems, and witnessed geologic signs of ancient sea beds in Wisconsin.  We ate the best chocolate cake ever of my whole life, which I have craved and dreamt of for twenty years.  Not kidding, here.  We found four Little Free Libraries, and got a personal tour of Mineral Point's Opera House.  We sat under beautiful trees, in a very old and beautiful cemetery.  We had one more visit at Grandma's.  And we drove home after dark, with fields and fields of knee-high corn full of brightly flickering fireflies to enchant us~
That's not nearly everything, but it's a new day, now, and there's more to see and do, and typing it all on this teeny keypad is cutting into my fun!

Good Things...

1.  Cousins playing

2.  FB and texting and cameras and face time, and real time, and just whatever means we have of staying connected... all of it can be so good. 

3.  That cake!  

4.  Fire flies, barns, corn fields, big trees, old homes, old cemeteries, and thunderstorms 

5.  Thinking of home, and Alex.  

Have you some good things to share?  Please, do.


Anna Banana said...

5 good things disappeared. I suppose writing them down is the point, even if no one else can see them. Welcome back Bird House friends!

judy in ky said...

It's nice to see the midwest through appreciative eyes. We who live here often take it all for granted.