Wednesday, July 02, 2014


We aren't in Wisconsin any more. We aren't in Milwaukee, looking at Lichtenstein's, we aren't sipping homemade lemonade at the Public House, or driving passed barns, listening to Neil Gaiman read The Graveyard Book, on our way to the House on The Rock. We already miss Chauncey, and Grandma, and fireflies, and the brilliance of green, {humid, deep, dark, lush green.} We've already begun to say, "Could we go back? Maybe in November? But before I do any more planning, or reflecting, what I really need to do is unpack, and address the issues of laundry, weeds, that thing the car still needs fixing. It's time to sort, purge, realign, and make order of hearth and home. I have little doubt that I will be back here, soon, and sharing a few of the nine hundred pictures, the thousand memories and delights, we enjoyed. I mean, surely, someone must want to know all about the flowers, frogs, old homes, and Little Free Libraries? Someone must be eager to know where to find the absolute best chocolate cake ever served, and I cannot be so heartless as to deny anyone that kind of vital information.

Wish me luck, please? I have these bright, ambitious plans to whip our home into shape... here's hoping my health and resilience can match my vision!


Janece said...

Welcome home! I'm looking forward to your posts sharing your experience and delights!

And sending you lots of luck (I have some similar ambitions when I get home)... and I'll be happy to come up and help with yours. It's always more fun helping someone else with their stuff than doing my own. ;)

I miss you! Looking forward to connecting when we are back. Hopefully I won't be mummified by the AZ sun before I make it back.

judy in ky said...

That's a great photo! I look forward to seeing more.