Sunday, June 29, 2014

Quick: Wisconsin Love From My iPhone

Dear Wisconsin, I love you.  Yes, even in Winter.  I love your homes, and gardens. I love your walking neighborhoods, and lush trees.  Sure, it's hot and humid, but did I mention those trees and porches?  Nice.  I love the friendly faces, the meet in the park community vibe.  And I love going fast, in a boat, on the lake.  

Geoff's brother, Paul, was our host and captain. We launched from Tenney Park {For the record: "we" means Paul, Geoff, and Rich.} thanks to Paul, we enjoyed a picnic and boating on Lake Mendota, with Gabe and Evelyn, Hazel, Jordan, and Griffin, Holly, Rich, Nick, and Izzy, and Maria, Max, William, and Geoff.  

Guess who went tubing?  Paul drove the boat right by us on the shore, so we could see the thrilled and daring Maria, absolutely loving her first tubing adventure!  Lucky girl. Fearless and fun seeking child got to jump from the boat and swim to the shore, too. 

When William, Max, Holly,Rich and I got our turn, Rich was the fearless fun seeker, and he took three wild rides behind Paul's boat.  In front of the UW, it suddenly occurred to me that "technically" I could call this vantage point a "college tour," for Max.  Hundreds of sunbathers were out at the Student Union, enjoying the gorgeous day, and I informed Max that this is the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and if you want to be a Badger, then, there you go. Pretty much nailed it. First college visit accomplished.  Might look different in February. 

Saturday we celebrated Great-grandma Nancy's 90th birthday, and Grandpa Phil's 69th birthday.  The day brought together a lot of family and friends, and it was lovely seeing everyone share the day and happy, thankful event.  

Loads of pictures and reflections, I'm sure to share, later.  How about that classic ride?  All these pictures are from my phone, and seeing William and Maria, with their uncle Woody, I was inspired to pop into Chickenblog and make this quick post!  We've packed in a lot of fun... Did I mention Nancy's neighbors got chickens??  I've been a happy Chickenblogger in Wisconsin. 

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judy in ky said...

When we lived near Chicago we often visited Wisconsin. You have reminded me of so many good things there. It would have been even better if we had had family and friends to visit there, as you have. February isn't that bad… at least it's a short month.