Monday, October 27, 2014

Five Good Things

That was a good weekend. Between cleaning streaks, many errands, and loads of laundry, I got to play quite a bit. Alex and Max are nearly finished painting the barn. It's Barn Red, almost. Don't ask me how I know, but it seems like when you get to the last details of painting everything takes more time, and gets harder, to the point where it *ahem* can drag on for quite some time. Yeah, but please, don't ask me how I know this. William has been battling the elements and materials to find a way to finish his scabbard, and last night, almost near another catastrophe, he hit upon a solution, and is probably only hours away from having a finished sword and scabbard. Plus! We finished the 18th century waistcoat! I can hardly describe the relief. Fourteen buttons, loads of hand sewing, and just all the customizing and troubleshooting. Totally worthwhile, I admit. I cannot wait to share pictures! He looks amazing in it. Geoff is finishing the wood recovery and leak issues of the deck, and that is probably tedious/frustrating work, but he took time out to do some fun and creative tinkering when Paul M Paul the Bearded One came over... it was great seeing them put their heads together over a welding project. {Random facts... We know a lot of Paul's, and I just realized we know two Paul M's.} I cleared the rose bed, and put in some flowers, started a scarf, made a friday dinner that fed us all weekend, and started another mushroom housing development. Also, I am in the middle of creating Maria's Halloween costume... yes, there is a pattern, but it's too small, and bears very little resemblance to the desired result... May Chang. Once again, I am altering and modifying, and bewildered. Fortunately, Master Foo, muse and amuser, is on hand to lend a paw. There was so much more... sewing lessons, Zombie shows, homework. Now, here we are, Monday, again. And still more to get done, but I have this pleasant feeling, this lovely impression that it really was a good weekend.

Good Things...

1. Last week we enjoyed Animal Misfits. And this week we were engrossed in a new Nature episode, A Murder of Crows! After chickens, these brilliant birds may be my favorites.

2. My iPhone. I just love this thing... it's handy, clever, useful, convenient, and good.

3. Cool nights. After weeks and weeks of enduring heat, complaining about unseasonal weather, we have weather I can embrace. I love it.

4. New pants for Max! At last I've found pants that Max feels comfortable wearing. This has been a two year quest, and it made me so happy to see the look of relief and pleasure he wore when he tried them on and found these comfortable, good looking pants fit his needs.

5. We are going to watch Meet Me In St Louis next Saturday night. This represents all kinds of goodness... it may rain on Saturday, it may be cold, Tootie Smith is a hoot, and watching this family favorite is one of the many annual holiday traditions we enjoy. I'm so excited about these prospects.

Halloween is nearly here. Oh, gosh. We are looking forward to all the friends and fun coming with that day. But there's so much to do! Are you ready? Ready for the new week, ready for next weekend? Anything good you'd like to share? Happy Monday, friends.


ArtyZen said...

Oh I do love your funghi. Axxx

Anna Banana said...

Notary - most of the postal stores have them. Love the fetching photo of you!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

They are fun-ghi to make, too!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ah, thank you.
And thank you!

Anonymous said...

Why does that photo remind me of my kitty? Well, except that she'd be on my knitting, more likely. Oh, and chewing on any unattended needle... :)


Janece said...

If you haven't already gotten it handled - Postal Depot (in the mall where Swami's used to be) is where I've gotten notary work done a couple of times now. Quick and easy.

Janece said...

Have I ever thanked you for introducing me to Meet Me in St Louis? Thoroughly enjoyable!