Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Gnomes Are In Their Garden

The gnomes I made last September have been hibernating in a box. Not quite forgotten, but definitely undisturbed. When I saw a tabletop greenhouse at Ikea I couldn't resist adding it to our cart, because I knew it was an ideal spot to bring out our gnomes. With some moss, foam for filling in most of the base, and two live ferns, we were ready to build a garden home. The ferns are in their pots, and lots of moss makes the whole scene look lush and full. We dotted the garden with our paper clay mushrooms, which are built on sewing pins, so they can stick into the foam. Then, the gnomes moved in. They seem quite happy. We put them on the shelf at the bottom of the stairs.

I made a mailbox, too. It began as a miniature dog house (Michael's craft store) and I added a post and base, painted it our Beloved Blue, and gave it a painted address on the front. Those were my first mitered cuts! I was positively glowing with the success, when Maria declared that we would need a Little Free Library, too. Right she was, so we modified one more dog house, and now our new Little Free Library is open for sharing! Katherine, and her bookcase home are upstairs, but the gnomes keep the mailbox and library beside their garden. Deer have begun to gather there, too. And the smiling lady I made in 7th grade. Oh! And one more visitor frequents the spot! Mister Foo!


  1. Replies
    1. Right??
      It was too late to run. All they could do was _stand_ there.

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    1. It's great when having fun can be adorable, too.
      Thank you, Missy~

  3. Seeing the gnomes in their garden has got me instantly excited about preparations for *that time of year*! so appealing...


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