Monday, November 03, 2014

Five Good Things

At last, soup weather! After Halloween we got a night of rain, and a blustery day that we spent cleaning, playing, and relaxing. It was nice. Real nice. For dinner, I made broccoli soup... funny, I took pictures of almost everything, but the broccoli. I started with leeks, and sautéed those, and carrots. I gave the fresh spinach a quick flash in the hot pan, too. The broccoli was steamed, and everything went into the blender with water. While that blended, I made a buttery roux, with a good dollop of cream. White pepper, salt, a handful of cheddar cheese, and a dash of crushed red pepper finished the seasoning. Alex and Max made a run to the market for a loaf of sourdough bread... and we got that warm and toasty in the oven. William made a salad. Everything was delicious. Maria had seconds, and Max asked for another soup dinner the very next day. I'd been thinking what a good leftover lunch this could make, but when dinner was through our pot was empty!

Good Things...

1. Friends who join the merriment, and share in Halloween fun.

2. Rain, and wool socks, and soup, and a fire in the fireplace, and reading aloud.

3. Someone (J.A.N.E.C.E.) who comes the day after the big event, and helps clean up. It didn't feel like chores. What a lovely gift.

4. Sitting around, as the party winds down, so happily engrossed in the conversation and good company, that it doesn't even feel like midnight.

5. Getting an email with a picture of your bestie on vacation. Thank you, Fred. Anna B: Pura Vida suits you!

Can you believe it's November? I took the Halloween playlist off of my iPhone, and added Christmas (evenIcannotbelievethis!) tunes! Is it too soon? Last night I drove to the market with twinkle lights on in my Jet Puff. I simply adore this time of year, so why not fill it up and revel in the joy? Happy November! Happy anticipation of seasonal delights. I wish you a very good week.

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