Monday, November 03, 2014

My Veggie Quinoa Walnut Patty Tastes Better Than Ever

Dear Robin,

You are amazing. When Celine and James arrived, I looked around for you. I really thought you and Sean, Collin, would be there. Next time, okay? Then Celine handed me the bag, and the avocados were generous, and exciting, but what came next... well, you do know my weaknesses, don't you? Yeah, I was flipping giddy. How perfect is this plate? And how sweet are you to send it my way? Very sweet... is the reply. I hope you have one, too. This plate has me strutting like a rooster, and clucking like a hen. My lunch today was far more scrumptious than it would have been on an ordinary plate. Life is beautiful, chickens are a hoot, and you are a very kind friend. See you soon, I hope.

Natalie, The Chickenblogger

{If anyone is looking to improve their lunch, fancy-up their dessert, or just get flipping giddy... Robin found this Cluck plate at Marshalls. Good luck!}

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