Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Bourbon Pecan Cake Smells Like Holiday Jolly Days

All that butter, and bourbon, those cups of packed brown sugar, and bourbon! Whenever I bake this cake, I feel like the holidays are really kicking into high gear! My mom used to make it for gift giving at Christmas time, and I remember dying for a swipe of the rich batter, when I was a little girl. And the warm, sweet smell filling our home right this very minute? It's nostalgic and tempting, for sure, but it's also a bit of torture, because the cakes won't be ready to eat for at least two weeks! After they come out of the oven, I am going to let them cool, then wrap them in bourbon soaked cheesecloth, and seal them up for a long spell. They will get even more amazing over time, but the wait is brutal!

No tree here, yet. In fact there are still pumpkins at our front door. Seems like time is sprinting, and all of the world and its demands, are pounding at the door, but I just putter along at a mid-century pace... 1800-and-something! The faster everything spins, the slower I move, the deeper I slip into wishful reveries, daydreams, and embroidery, or baking. It's pure denial, and self preservation. I smell the last of the cakes in the oven, and they must be ready to come out... I don't think we have enough cheesecloth for twelve loaves and one big bundt! Alas, I will have to go out into that mad spinning world, again! I am dusted in flour, and ready for snow, or caroling, some jolliness! Must be the smell of all that bourbon, butter, and sugar!

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judy in ky said...

Mmmm… I think I can smell it from the pictures.