Monday, December 08, 2014

Five Good Things

Green Gardens Nursery has magically transformed since our first visit, and I couldn't feel more thankful... full of evergreens and holiday details, I didn't realize how very much I needed a sensory retreat, until I strolled through every corner and room of this wonderful place. I was standing in the midst of all those Christmas trees, seeing flowers, seeds, and feeling the warmth of the day, and I suddenly remembered I could breath. Inhaling consciously, feeling blissed-out by the scent of pine, and the nostalgia of Christmases past... it was profoundly good. And it was nice to be there with a friend, too. Janece and I must have looked like children in a sweets shop, faces aglow, eyes wide, oohing and ahhing over every sparkle and glimmer! I'm glad I realized that Christmas really is coming, and I thought to get some gifts. It would make sense to go back and just finish all my holiday shopping there. Time is running out, and so is my energy! How about fruit trees and paper white bulbs for all? I love the gifts I did bring home... shhh! I must try to keep those under wraps.

What I was most tempted to do was buy a tree. Two trees! I suddenly wanted all the trimmings of the season to be in our car and on the way home. But. yeah, I figured that would be too much to do without the rest of the family, together, debating which tree, and all those Christmas tree choices and options that must be negotiated and debated. When we can we go back?

Good Things...

1. French Toast {Inclined to explain and justify this, but I'll just say this: Sometimes butter and bread and something sweet does everything you need.}

2. Having my mom here, and friends who come with pie, lasagna, who call, or text, who offer to do anything.

3. Corey, Lucas, Alexi, Grant and Max for enthusiastically! playing Maria's new card game with her, and Maria's friend Emma, for giving it to her.

4. Geoff and Alex visiting the same estate sale, at different times, and buying each other the same gifts... a sweet, geek magi-like moment.

5. Pink Martini. A dream come true, at last. It was far, far better than we dreamed it could be!

A new week is here. I have a sprig of pine close at hand, and when I breath it in, I feel a little more ready, a little bit stronger. Good things sometimes come in little bits. I am thankful. I hope you are finding plenty of good things to keep you moving forward, feeling strong.

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judy in ky said...

I got my twinkle lights out today and put them in the windows. The makes me feel festive.