Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saved The Day

Our plans hit a bit of a snag this morning. Early this morning. And while it was disappointing, we were determined not to be utterly derailed. A Plan B began to formulate and it was all about breakfast. I was very pleased with myself for remembering a really yummy cafe, and so we made a bee line for Cafe 976. Good choice. Nice to have many good vegetarian offerings, as well as traditional brekkie temptations. Bonus: They have good crayons. {Is that an odd restaurant critique?? How are the Crayolas? Not the cheap, second-rate kind that don't color brightly, I hope.} We sat in dappled light, and made light of our situation... our news segment for Maker Faire was bumped for live coverage of the Pope's address to Congress. We said, "We've been Pope-ed." Our breakfasts were delicious, and reviving, and even the drive home was scenic and good.

Geoff and I are proud of Alex and Maria... they weren't too sure about being in a television studio, for a live broadcast, but they prepared, studied, and made new additions and preparations for our Da Vinci Robot's Maker Faire San Diego appearance. Alex is almost finished sculpting Da Vinci 3.0, and Maria is making new images for our robot to draw. Ruth suggested it was perhaps Divine intervention. That may be... we got a call back, by the way, and an apology; the news station really wants us to return with Da Vinci, Alex, and Maria. I wonder if we'd have time to squeeze in another breakfast?

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