Friday, September 25, 2015

~This Moment~

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This week's moment was thirty-three years in the making, and one we, unfortunately, were not able to enjoy in person. When I saw the pictures and heard the news that Phil Van Valkenberg was being recognized and honored as a founder, organizer, and spirited supporter of the Chequamegon, Fat Tire Festival, I was deeply moved and very proud of my father-in-law. He lives with purpose and pure intent for the sport and pleasure of cycling. He has worked tirelessly, practically all his life to promote, and secure the future of cycling... founding events, writing books, making maps, advocating for bike safety and trail access, and by demonstrating in his own life a pure love of pedaling. I have had the pleasure of cycling with him, in Wisconsin, and have enjoyed the thrill of the start line (as a bystander!) at Chequamegon (1990 & 1991). His work is inspiring, his passion admirable, and it's wonderful that he is being honored. He really is a living legend!
Gary Crandall and Phil Van Valkenberg (Photo by Tom Kelly)

"Never met anyone as knowledgable and passionate about bike racing than Phil Van Valkenberg.
Great to see him honored for his role in the start of the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival 33 years go.
Thanks PVV, you still inspire us!"
~Tom Kelly

Jacque Lindskoog and Phil Van Valkenberg (Photo by Darlene Prois)

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