Sunday, January 31, 2016

Haircut :: Thirty

A haircut before he goes to work. Max has begun his second semester of senior year, with new classes, and a part time job at the hobby shop. He's blacksmithing and welding, in creative writing, film and society, and also taking economics and government. "An easy load," this semester. He finished AP English, chemistry, college applications, and Calculus III with linear algebra. He loves working at the hobby and game store, after school and weekends. We were over there last night, seeing what he's accomplished as he helps them move into a new store.

As for today... we're enjoying a relaxed, slow breakfast, while it rains. We've seen cat videos, talked about Chango's eleventy-first birthday, and imagined what careers Chango and Foo would have, if they went out for jobs. Alex has masks to finish. Geoff will go back to the office, again. William and I may see what we can do to help Maria look like George Washington for a class history presentation! Maria has been applying herself to Khan JAVA script, and a new math class. Max says he'd like to check in at the hobby store. Maybe we should lay down some plans for Groundhog Day, too. Oh, and someone should make sure the goats are surviving the storm. Poor goats!

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Anonymous said...

You are all amazing. Hope you are enjoying the gentle (so far) rain.