Friday, February 05, 2016

Moments in The Week

Those crow masks are just a few drilled holes away from being done, and ready to ship to Utah! They've been a central theme of our lives lately. Alex has done a remarkable job with those, and everyone is eager to see them (pictures, at least) when they are worn in the ballet. It's also gratifying and compelling for us to see Alex working at what he loves to do... bringing together his interests in art, design, engineering, and manufacturing. His classes are dialed into those interests, so I think it will be a good semester for him.

Max is settling into his new semester, too. He likes the subjects, and the teachers. He's already showing me progress on the iron forged drawer pull he's making. Since he's already been a first level metals student, his teacher gives him a lot of liberty and responsibility in the shop at this next level. Max was teaching himself how to operate the plasma cutter. All of his classes are interesting in some way, or another, and it seems relaxed, which is a nice way to finish his final year of high school. He still has time for friends and games, for dropping by the hobby store.

William has been almost as busy as ever with his own art and designs, except we pulled him away to work on the fence. It's no fun replacing things that were already in place, but it's got to be done, and thankfully, we have help (though not from the neighbor, who refuses to recognize the joint responsibilities of good fences and good neighbors!) The old panels are removed, the broken posts dug out, new posts are set. By Saturday the concrete should be dry, so they can reinstall the panels. We may need to replace some of the fence boards. We'll see. After that, William can count yet another great project he's completed at the Bird House. I think he enjoys the skills he acquires... building a barn, a chicken run, learning to run Frankenrouter.

Maria has decided to retire from Ballet Folklorico. She struggled, a bit, with the decision... mostly concerned about other people's views and feelings. For herself, she knew that she had done as much with it as she cared to do. She loves, loves, loves the dancing, but was weary with make-up-hair-costumes and performances. It's been wonderful seeing her immerse herself so whole heartedly, really exploring the skills, and having a good time with it. I admire how dedicated she remained, and how carefully she evaluated her decision to move on. {She'd love to try Polynesian dance!} Her first free Saturday? She spent all of it with her dad at his office, where she's added HTML/CSS programming to her JAVA skills! Thanks to Khan Academy, Maria is head-over-code in love with these new programming classes. While sitting side by side with her daddy, she sent me a text message, "I need a little break from coding, so I added a Khan math class," which she dove into with equal enthusiasm. Seeing Geoff and Maria, heads together, and talking tech stuff... it's beyond adorable!

Yes, Geoff is working Saturdays. And Sundays. And week nights, late. It's that time of year. We know the drill, and it should be over pretty soon. We are looking forward to his return. It makes me thankful for texting, cell phones, even FB... because even in small ways, we can connect. I think 90% of our communication has come to emoticons! {Insert a smiley face, here.}

As for me... yarn. Yarn. Yarn. Maria showed me the sticks she collected at school, storm souvenirs, and I took one and gave it the Age of Aquarius treatment! {Insert peace sign and love beads, here.} As Maria and I left the house the other day, each wearing crocheted shawls and crocheted hats, something occurred to me, and I shuddered: We looked like a pair from a seventies crochet magazine cover! OHMYGLOB. I don't now how to stop. But, if I don't improve my skills, and invest in nice quality supplies, we are doomed! Just please promise you'll have an intervention for me, before I start attempting to crochet bathing suits, or Weasley sweaters!


Jennifer said...

I think it's all good as long as you aren't crocheting undergarments -- I'd say that's where the line gets drawn. So delighted to hear of the solid choices, the sound decisions, the engagement across what must be done and what each would like to do!

Tracy Batchelder said...

Sounds (and looks) like a busy, but wonderful week.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Right! No wool panties/bras!