Monday, February 01, 2016

Dear GroundHog What Do You See

I realize this is short notice... are you prepared for one of the _hole-iest_ days of the year?? Tomorrow is GroundHog Day! We've adopted it as our mid-winter festivity of randomness and nonsense. Normally, our winters are an event that barely registers, so the idea of contemplating the arrival of spring hardly occurs to us. But in recent years we have come to love this day, to mark it with whatever GroundHogish activities we can muster. We look for wintriness, and revel in nature. We take note of chicken shadows, putter around the garden. When it comes to GroundHog Days there are no points deducted for repetitions! {Okay that was an actual GroundHog pun, in case you didn't see it.} After last night's extreme wind, rain, hail, and extraordinary winter-like weather, we are more curious than ever before: Will there be six more weeks of winter? Of El Niño? Of puddles, chills, sandbags, and downed fences? Tomorrow will tell! When the whistle-pig, weather prognosticating Marmota monax, aka Punxsutawney Phil, leaves his hole, for the hole-y moment of truth, then all will be revealed!

Which is why I am so glad that Marilyn Scott Waters has so graciously and generously created party favors for our GroundHog Day crafting pleasure; we want to be prepared.

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Jennifer said...

Can barely hardly wait until tomorrow.... best holiday not-celebrated-by-most ever.