Saturday, July 30, 2016

Goats Chickens Fish Cats Tomatoes :: Two Hundred Twelve

Weekend round-up! Today's picture is of Tasha Tudor Goat. And in all fairness, I should say that she's a lady, and it's not considerate of me to photograph her while she's eating. I can't help myself... I knew we'd see that cute tongue pop out sooner or later. It's a cheap trick, but an irresistible result... effectively creating the perfect emoji for dramatic expression!

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

And besides having fun with Tasha's sweet face, I took a few more pictures of some of the critters around our Bird House and Barn...

Ada Lovelace Goat and Tasha Tudor Goat have been busy with their usual routines, like eating, and talking, like systematically deconstructing their cottage home, and helping us produce the best compost in the world. Ada has added deep tissue leg massage to her repertoire. Very deep. She thinks anyone staying still wants to have her vigorously rub her head into them, possibly with the intent of eventually walking through the hapless victim client.

Ah, ma goats. They make me smile, every time I see them.

And this little darling? She's an Ameraucana. She has a sister who looks a lot like her, but she's the one you'll see pacing, keeping watch from a high spot, so she can make sure everyone knows that she's contender for top of the pecking order. That steely gaze is no fluke... she's on patrol, and if she sees anything alarming or out of order, we are going to hear about it.

These volunteers came up in the toss barrel. The toss barrel is where I throw kitchen scraps... the kind that are ok for the hens to discover, like tomato seeds, apple cores, lettuce bits. I make sure no onions, garlic, or raw potatoes get into their foraging spots. Now, we have the most vigorous and promising looking tomatoes growing there. We are looking forward to harvesting these beauties!

Fish! They don't get much coverage on the blog, but our aquarium gets daily attention and regular appreciation, especially from me. I love my One-eyed Molly, and was sad to say farewell to one of the two platys. It's a consolation to me that he lived for almost two years. The other consolation is that we discovered two wee fry in the tank! I practically hold my breath every time I peer into the water, searching the plants until I spy them... one, and two! It's a happy relief.

Another happy relief? The makeshift screen door Alex helped me rig. I bought a few yards of cheap tulle, and he and I clamped it to the door frame. (Never mind how it looks!) Cairo is sitting in my beach chair in the entry, where the best breezes blow through, making this first heatwave of summer more bearable. Goodness, that face! He's totally keeping my chair...

Wherever Cairo goes, you will almost always see Foo follow. He takes his parenting duties seriously. So, when Cairo wandered into the dishwasher, Foo went, too. I'm pretty sure the spot-free rinse is not going to work on our Foo!

All the hens are well, and laying. Chango is still like a Grandpa... older, slower, with lots to say. Summer is fine, here, and we are enjoying it. Happy weekending, friends!

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely weekly round-up. Just love your goats - I think I need goats, though the collies and Flora Puddleduck might object! My tomatoes are still green, despite some summer warmth here. The runner beans are just about there - I think I'll pick some for supper this evening. I just LOVE runner beans - a couple rashers of salty bacon and a sprinkle of vinegar - oh yes, it's all michelin star eating here! 2 of the children are home so it's been a special weekend - so good to see them. Have fun Ax