Sunday, July 24, 2016

To The Beach :: Two Hundred Six

Bambi and Alex invited us to meet them at the beach. They walked, then Geoff, Max, Maria and I caught up with them. Was anyone else visiting a So Cal beach yesterday? It was weird... the ocean was choppy, there was a lot of wind, and the riptide was wild. We watched waves coming in and moving out. Backwards waves! Waves perpendicular to the coast. As crazy as it was, we had a blast getting tossed around in the surf. The water action made the ocean floor as irregular as the waves. It was deeper near the shore than further out, and overall the whole beach was very shallow. While we bobbed and paddled, Max described the physics and properties of the wave actions. Then we took turns pulling each other on boogie boards.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

All the rest of our beach visits this summer have been at dusk, or even after sunset, which has it's own flavor and advantages, but this time was great for spending hours in the water. Geoff and Maria went on a Pokémon search... they usually have a game or puzzle they enjoy working on together. We also packed some of our apples, and the last of the Hook's Dill Jack cheese.

The beaches are busy during this first heatwave of summer, but we found a sweet spot.

A double boogie train! With the weird tidal action, it was usually easier to move parallel with the shore. It didn't seem to be a good day for surfing, or traditional boogie boarding. But it was perfect for playing and cooling off!

The cheese. We carried it from Mineral Point, up to the NorthWoods, into Chicago, and at the airport it gave me special trouble with the TSA, but it was worth it. Thank you, Paul, for the recommendation. We are so glad we could extend our happy memories of being in Wisconsin!

And... one more bit of wild fun before the day is through. Standing in line for Handel's Ice Cream may seem crazy, (I have never seen longer lines for ice cream) but trust us... totes worth the trip!

Good day.

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Tracy Batchelder said...

Looks like a beach bum kind of day. Fun!