Monday, July 25, 2016

I Would Like To Print and Frame This Thread

Beautiful, the Carol King Musical is coming to town, and I got this impulse to see if maybe some friends could join me to see it. If I could sell enough eggs, I would buy tickets for all of my friends, fly my mom down. But even if we can't get to the show, I will always treasure this interaction with my friend, Carol. The best of social media... when you put something out there, and someone reaches out, and connects with you.

Natalie Van Hola... I've been daydreaming about seeing "Beautiful... the Carol King Musical."
Have you? Should we go together...
Sunday, August 7? Not sure if there are (affordable) tickets left, but should we look?

Carol $71

Natalie Van I should sell chicken eggs!

Natalie Van Okay... if we can't pull this off,
we should run all the fans in the house and play her albums on full volume...
dance party!

Carol I love you.

Natalie Van I love you, too. Thank you, friend.

Carol Carole King is one of my favorites too! Michael ran into her at UCSC. I mean he actually ran into her.

Natalie Van There's a story there!

Natalie Van For sale: Fresh Organic Free Range Chicken Eggs! Only 71$/dozen... A steal!

Natalie Van I'd like to sell two dozen... my friend, Carol and I have some place to go.

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