Monday, August 29, 2016

A World Of Difference :: Two Hundred Forty Three

We have our screen door, and it could not be nicer. The front door has been open all day, and the house feels cool, fresh. Cats are in, flies are out. Like the job we completed with our porch, enclosing it with screens and a roof, this improvement has been long anticipated, and wholly welcome.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Maria and I hung about watching every step Geoff made to install the door and finish it. We were compelled by Geoff's activity, by how lovely it was looking. And when the last parts were being completed, I went to work on the additions I wanted to contribute, like a fresh plant for the big pot, something to replace the expired veggies we enjoyed all spring, into summer. This time around, it will be a gardenia, and I hope it lasts and blooms. I have this vision of gardenia blossom scent coming through the screen door. Pretty to look at, pretty to smell.

A pull to shut the new door from the inside.

Swept, dusted, sorted. A fresh appearance for our entry. It's an obvious thing, and yet a novel experience... that things and spaces need reviving, sprucing, sorting, some things passed along, or tossed, others perked up. In all my life these sort of chores happened when it was time to move, again. Funny what we learn, really comprehend, when we stay in one place. It's a happy, and odd, discovery, that I am eager to become better acquainted with.

Here is Max's pull! He made it in school, as a part of his lessons in blacksmithing and forging. I loved the piece so much, I kept it in my basket of good and necessary bits, hoping I would discover its true purpose. And here, we have it! It feels like a real treasure, both the object and all it means to me... our son, his skills, the school we love and admire, our time here, our home, belonging, staying.

Ideas, plans, hopes, dreams, wishes, even the annoyances, and frustrations... all of it has been good, one way or another. From our first broken window, to this moment, when I feel as happy to be here as ever, I am so thankful to be home.

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Jennifer said...

Everything here is so inspiring, and wonderful, and worthy of celebration! Your new screen door and its incredible front handle are everything that an addition should be -- practical, beautiful, heartfelt, personal. I know and love that feeling of *now then, what's next?* in fixing up -- and I've got a new energy from what you've shared to tackle our own entry way (left sadly bare and ragged since we moved in). Can't wait to see those gardenias!