Thursday, August 18, 2016

Coming Home :: Two Hundred Thirty Two

The last leg of a wonderful journey, our ride from Los Angeles Union Station to San Diego. It's after midnight, we've been riding for thirty hours, and I don't want anything about this trip to be over... except being apart from our guys. If they could have come aboard at the next station, I would have signed on for another round trip.

We came back with 2,126 photographs. That's two-thousand one hundred and twenty-six stories, two-thousand one hundred and twenty-six times I made an extra effort to remember, to hold on to a moment, knowing I would want to revisit a feeling, an idea, a scene. My head, my heart... they are vibrating, alive, with everything I am eager to share, to record, to write down before I forget, and then I have this little daily ritual: A Picture a Day, and the idea that I can choose a moment to represent a day. It's a fun challenge, a thoughtful process. Today's picture represents the length, in time and miles, and exertion of our travels, the full immersion we enjoyed in everything we were doing, the intimacy of being each other's constant companions for eight days, and how blessed I feel to come home knowing her better, loving her more, and holding her in higher esteem.

{Everyone met us at the station, even Cairo kitty. Such a happy reunion. And our children stayed up until four in the morning talking and laughing. I think this has been a very good summer.}
With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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