Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Portland is A Warm City :: Two Hundred Thirty

Besides the hot weather, Maria and I have found Portland, Oregon, to be a warm city... Also kind, welcoming, open, generous, pretty, creative, innovative, inspiring, thoughtful, receptive, comfortable, refreshing, and fun. We are going to miss long walks along tree lined streets, through breathtaking neighborhoods, abundant flower gardens and charming garden art, more amazing food options than could possibly be appreciated in one lifetime, let alone three days! We will remember the houses! Porches, screen doors, porticoes, windows, flower boxes, colors, walls, stones and bricks... And the attractive ways these parts are made into beautiful homes. We wish we could bring home moss and lichen and cool, damp nights, abundant trees, new blossoms, and a corgi! We'd like to share with our friends back home: ice cream from Salt and Straw, the public transit system, murals, Powell's, tree shaded parks... the list goes on and on. It's warm here, where the city wears its heart on its sleeve and they seem to understand that things are better shared, and there can be enough goodness for all.

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