Monday, August 15, 2016

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Suitcase :: Two Hundred Twenty Nine

We have been to Powell's. That bookstore, in Portland, three stories and a whole city block! We rode two buses and walked quite a few blocks to get there. It was totally worth it! I think the children's section alone is bigger than the entire book store back home, and the selection! We found almost everything we were looking for... That one missing title is a new publication and can be preordered. Every person working there was friendly, attentive and well-informed. We found new books, and old treasures. Seeing books we know and love was like running into dear friends. We thought the employee and customer book reviews and suggested reading notes were very helpful... Maria was delighted and honored to be welcome to share her own thoughts on a much beloved series. 

A Picture a Day, with Infinity More Monkeys~

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susan said...

Oh, what fun - exploring a new book store. Glad you're having such a wonderful time.