Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Take Joy :: Three Hundred Thirty Three

A birthday and a gala! We had more to celebrate today, since Maria turned twelve and her art was featured in the PTAS' Reflections Gala, for student artists. For the theme of This is My Story, Maria had submitted an ink, pencil, and water color self-portrait, and tonight she received a certificate and ribbon. It was a treat to see her art hanging in the gallery, along with other elementary and middle school art. Submissions included paintings, sculptures, photography, writing, even video submissions of dance and other performing arts. This was Maria's first time participating, and she was really delighted to have her work distinguished this way.

She illustrated her interests and likes as balloons that she's collecting and carrying along her life's path. We look forward, too. Maria, and her joy's, are such a pleasure to observe, to be around.

Some of Maria's story includes coding, chickens, cats, reading and writing, gardening, and art. Of course, I see a lot more, like exuberance, diligence, kindness, curiosity, humor, cooking, dancing, science, math, teaching, playing, tinkering, talking, reflecting, traveling. It's a wonderful story~

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Adaliza said...

That's quite a magical self-portrait. All the things you mention are right there, in the skip of her step. I love her life balloons - she's a delight. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Maria - from me in my patchwork studio, my 2 border collies and Flora Puddleduck who sends you a huge QUACK!!