Saturday, December 03, 2016

Pink Martini ~ Je Dis Oui :: Three Hundred Thirty Seven

When Brian Davis hands you a musical instrument to play, say Yes! Je dis oui, then dance and move that percussion, while China Forbes sings Brasil, and the little orchestra is jumping!

When we saw Pink Martini, two years ago, I thought it would be a hard night to top. We loved everything about the concert, probably most especially seeing Maria say yes to joining the fun, dancing on stage, and meeting Brian Davis, Storm Large, hearing Zundoko live! It was more than, and better than, we had hoped for.

{I think it's about time for me to understand, to believe, that it's worthwhile to dream bigger!}

Dear Brian, thank you. Once again, you extended yourself to make an exemplary evening beyond imagining! I am not surprised, not when I consider the love of music you foster, wherever you go! Your personal attention to Maria, and the kindness you afforded her really touched us. We deeply appreciate the inspiration and confidence you inspired in her, and all the children you teach. It's gestures like these, and work like yours, teaching, that demonstrate your natural appreciation of music, that you lead by example, and that you are making the world a better place, and we think that is awesome.

The first time everyone was invited to dance on stage, Maria was happy to reintroduce herself to Brian Davis, to thank him, because she has such happy memories from the first time she met him. Then, for Brasil, there was the call back to the stage, for a conga line, and Maria dashed up, and that's when Mr Davis handed her a Latin percussion instrument to play with the band. Brilliant!

William, Ruth, Geoff, Maria~

Another successful Christmas in the City, our annual quest for art, science, music and light, with Max, Alex, and Bambi~

I know, I've said it before... that we love Pink Martini, that we play their music all the time, so of course dancing and playing with the band, seeing Thomas Lauderdale at the piano, hearing China Forbes exquisite voice, in person, all of this is something we feel excited for, enjoy. But this time I was struck by the added pleasure of enjoying something beyond the sound of Pink Martini: I love Pink Martini's passion, their way of reaching out to the world through music by being engaged, inclusive, broad minded, by making music, and playing it, in ways that respects skills, intelligence, history, cultures, languages, connection. I don't think it's so surprising that they have become this successful, have played together for twenty-two years, because their artistry, their work, their spirit is built on this substantive and well-considered foundation of innovative ideals, with hard work. Music can do a lot to build bridges, to spread ideas, like good-will, kindness, compassion, and when politics becomes divisive, when discord alienates us from each other, maybe a good tune, a little civil subversion, and a conga line, can lead us to common ground? I still believe there are more principles that we share, than those that divide us. Their sound, and their intentions play beautifully, together.

Hello, China. We're big fans. May I call you "China?"

Okay, I don't recall exactly what I said, but I have a vague recollection of fan gushing, just a bit. And. And, yes, I did manage to get in a plug for BOoM: Benevolent Order of Makers. But, you gotta know, it's because I think we have some common ground... Pink Martini makes music and they make connections with people and share what they do, which leads to goodness, learning, engagement... and BOoM makes music, and crafts, cosplay, instruments, shelters, robots, clothes, art, tools, and we share, and we make connections with people and share what we do, which leads to goodness, learning, engagement! Outreach, common ground, civil subversion, innovative ideas, good-will... these are well worth touting and singing about!

When China Forbes sings with this band... it's like seeing a family at play. It looks easy, like a pleasure. The respect and camaraderie flows, energy circulating. Hey, what can I say? I'm a fan. Looking up at the stage, watching them perform, hearing those tunes, voices, instruments, it's a pleasure, because something about them, about their smiles, their energy, their mastery of the notes, and the tempo, and the union of their parts, tells me this is really, really good. There are expert, technical, more "musical critic" ways of saying this, but... it's wonderful to listen to, watch, and feel a band play, and sing, this beautifully, together.

Pink Martini makes me want to dis oui.

Oh... and one more thing... ChickenBlog is on Instagram. Look for Natalie Chickenblogger, and BoomNerds (for Benevolent Order of Makers, our geek, maker blog.) I mention this because we are posting videos and other pictures there, and those are fun, so maybe you'd like to check them out.

On Instagram we can make photo collages, and post videos from our phone, and demonstrate even less self-control and editing than we do on ChickenBlog, which is fun, and awkward, and pretty cool.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


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We need a "Love" button!!

Jennifer said...

Mind-bendingly, heart-meltingly amazing -- a second even better than the first. Hurray for people who are people before they are anything else (famous, for example). Love this.