Thursday, December 01, 2016

Maybe Pictures Are Enough

November 16...
"I started a new blog post, and was so enthusiastic about covering the subject thoroughly, in depth, that the subject started to get away from me, and I became overwhelmed by how much I was trying to include, and then I had to walk away... deluged by my own long-winded, rambling prose. Dang it. All the links, back story, sincerity, verbosity... frickin' bored me witless. Is this why I blog-fail? Dear naval-gazing Chickenblogger, why do you prattle on so?"

December 1...
Nothing I write seems to measure up to the way I feel, the way I felt, upon meeting Lauren Scheuer with, and thanks to, Jennifer. It's true: I am still star-struck and in awe of all things New England, our trip, our hosts, pumpkin stacks, Orchard House, leaves falling like rain, apple cider donuts, stone walls, and playing with friends. Now, here it is December, and this post sits on my computer, and I still have a dozen more posts I'd like to get down, keepsakes in words and pictures. Maybe you can see, in these moments, and glimpses, and maybe you will have some inkling of my joy, and wonder, my gratitude and pleasure. Maybe I don't need to say... much.

October 15, 2016

October 17, 2016

Thank you, Jennifer and Ken. I am still on a cloud, in a happy daze, from your warmth and generosity. More than ever, I feel a profound gratitude for what we shared, and enjoyed together... it's a reassuring salve that I turn to for hope, inspiration, for looking forward with renewed determination to pursue good.

Thank you, Lauren and Danny, and Angel, Marky, Lil White, Louisa, Ivy, flock sisters, and chickadees! Lauren, you are as infused with light, mirth, magnanimity, humor, and gentle kindness as your art, and every bit of it whirls around your home like fairy dust and genius. Thank you for opening your arms, your doors, your journals, your heart... your gifts to us were boundless.


cyndywehr said...

The way you present your pictures, they do tell a story. A very happy story!

Jennifer said...

I look at this pictures and it both seems as though you were all *just* here, just a moment ago, and that it was a lifetime ago too, somehow. Part of it is wrapped up in the magic of your being here to celebrate a fleeting season; those colors, those skies, those days have long since been replaced by wintery cold and grey. We're so delighted that you were here, that the memories continue to bring joy, and that we can look and imagine clear across the country and see you there -- and feel connected.