Tuesday, August 22, 2017

22~ That Haircut When Maria was Almost a Teen

This morning three blog comments appeared for moderation, and they were from Maria. "Mommy, I love this! I decided to look back at some of your older posts. It's really fun," she wrote, as she was going through the archives. She left comments here, and there, then we talked about trips, and memories, things we've done, family we miss, times we have enjoyed. Together we scrolled through more old posts, and some were pointless, silly, but what we most enjoyed were the reminders of laughter, of activities, engagement, touchstones, moments of connection with loved ones, rites of passage. I frequently question my motivation for blogging, and sometimes others question it for me... I won't try to justify what I do here for them, but for us... blogging has been many things which are mostly good, including a means of sharing news, reflecting on views, ideas, hopes, and concerns, recording events and experiences, and engaging with the world. We've made friends, and kept memories, marked passages. It's been a means of expressing myself, even of learning new skills, and exploring my beliefs, and dreams... those are some of the grander ideals I've kept and enjoyed, but fundamentally, I like the moments... a haircut, a bus ride, the flowers we grew, the gift we received, the scare we overcame, the cats, chickens, laughs. All of these details, and seemingly small events fill our days, our lives, and I am happy to recall, at least, some of them. I do, probably, overshare, sometimes, but I hope no has ever been hurt, or offended by my ramblings and reflections, and for the record... I do not 'obsessively throw everything on these pages,' not about us, not about anyone. Believe me, there is a great deal left unsaid, and none of it is compulsory reading... so, gosh. Anyway, I loved Maria's comments, and her appreciation of what Chickenblog holds, because it's what I do... I write, and take pictures, and share ideas, and reflect, and express, and ultimately it's just a story of us, for us, and no story is worth much without contact and connection, so there's some of that, too.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Jennifer said...

I agree wholeheartedly; it's the ability to look back and remember that makes the endeavor worthwhile!