Wednesday, August 23, 2017

23~Waning Summer, Full Days

This is the first week of school for Max, and an easy entry into back-to-school routines for Maria. Grandma is in town, there are projects everywhere! I didn't even try to tidy, conceal, or corral all of the parts, tools, bits, paints, threads, motors, materials flying around our DIY home, so my Mommy got a full dose of Us! To say things have been hectic is a rather comic understatement. Alex is recovering from an infection. Everyone is getting dental overhauls. The city cut the water for maintenance... what day was that, again?? Oh! And the eclipse! Maybe that wasn't actually major part of the fullness of our days, but I used it, frequently, to excuse my shortcomings and missteps, all day Monday. I don't know. Likely, this wasn't any crazier a week than another, and even more likely most people do more, and accomplish more, and say less, than I... but I still feel ready for relief.

Alex and Bambi are going to a masquerade, and have been making costumes and props. William is helping, too.
I made another floral crown, which was pure fun, I admit, and even more fun to share with a friend, when she hosted Mom's Night Out.
Goats. And chickens... there's always a little busyness, there.
Max's new school and loads to do to get that ball in the right court and rolling, but lo! He's on track and moving forward!
Mom fed us her yummy quiches, and I think we are managing to squeeze in some fun in between running around times... plus we have a really special thing in store for us this weekend. *wink wink*

Pfffttt... this all reads as silly, because once the errands, appointments, strategizing, hoop-leaping and fire dousing are done, and recorded, it just looks like a list. A life list. But, I tell yeah, it's been a bit much!

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Jennifer said...

Adventures and family and challenges and delights -- and parts! -- so much to fill up all of every day! Hurray for Max for a new start; hope he's feeling settled in now.