Friday, March 29, 2019

Up To Date

"Up to date" might be overstating it, but Geoff installed a new hard drive on our computer, and dusted stuff off, updated software, kicked tires etc... and now everything is working at a lightning pace. I would stick around and blog all day, except I am due at art class. I leave you with Cairo, proudly inspecting and improving the latest acquisition. This furniture piece represents my unceasing determination to find order and refinement in our home. It is a humble, and unique entry catch-all... for keys, phones, wallets, mail, gears, paint, yarn, flashlights, cats.
Thank you, and good day.


Anonymous said...

That looks familiar... It has now been inspected, and approved by the cat, you are now welcome to borrow it from time to time from same...

Jenny said...

I’ve missed seeing your rat paintings. Hope you are well.