Friday, April 05, 2019

March 28-April 4

March 28 ::

Walking, Del Mar... you can see clear to La Jolla from here, even the five cranes busy constructing at UCSD. And closer up, the surfers, reflections, birds, and bubbles.

March 29 ::
After a lecture and video on the life of Monet, we jump into our second painting lesson, laying in the shapes and values for these cliffs.

April 1 ::

The madeira blooms suddenly. I'm not sure I ever notice the shrubs until these spires are standing proudly, and then I remember I'd like to plant those. And they finish almost as suddenly, and I forget.

One of the five cranes at work between Muir College and Thurgood Marshall College, at UCSD, as seen from the Applied Physics and Mathematics building.

April 2 ::

Pepper, or Pippi.

April 3 ::

I wonder if it's silly, or merely obsessive, this impulse to "back-blog." Why am I doing it? Answer: It will give me relief and satisfaction to fill in the gaps, and feel "caught up." But I can't help but feel that it's otherwise pointless, and to admit that, at least today, I feel the opposite of loquacious. (Looks up "Loquacious." Finds "Taciturn." Feels another wave of satisfaction in finding a delicious new word.)

April 4 ::

I feel taciturn. But, for the record, here is the progress in painting The Cliffs.

Mike went away for a time, to do some other jobs, check on his own home, far away in the mountains, and to bring his scaffolding. Now he is back, and back to repairing our home. So, the little window, sitting with one nail, in rotted wood, is coming out, and everything will be rebuilt, safe, and beautiful.

I hardly need a lot of words... I can let the flowers speak for themselves.

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