Sunday, May 05, 2019

Swing Into May

April 26 ::

We left our swing... just a frame, back in January. It's time to make some progress.

We have many ideas for different seat options, configurations, and designs. For now, it will be a classic wood seat, heavy, sturdy, roomy. William is shaping and smoothing the wood.


Also, Mako.

April 27 ::






My Christmas present... and a dream come true. A swing so big that even a grown person will feel six years old.

April 28 ::

Here are Charles and Akira... as much fun as swinging, is sharing the swing with friends.

Preparing a Green Man for Beltane.

April 29 ::

April 30 ::

May 1 ::

What sweeter way to welcome this new month, than with lilacs, so rare and beautiful.

May 2 ::

Alex's watercolor entry in the student gallery.

My first entry into a show, this watercolor painting of the farmhouse (Highland House) that we had the pleasure of renting on a visit to Wisconsin. It was surrounded by barns, and outbuildings, and hundred acres of land, open for exploring.

May 4 ::

The mama bluebird about to pop in on her chicks.

Alex, William, Tori, Geoff, Max, Lucas, and Maria~

Janece, Amira and Maria, Paul, William, Lucas, Geoff, Max and Alex, Tori and Bambi, Luna, and Mike~

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