Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween

Halloween, and the Blue Moon! I just started soaking black beans, so we can make chili for dinner. Alex is going to make cornbread. We have been showing driveway movies all month, and keeping decorations whimsical and light. Tonight our young friends will have a piñata to break open for treats. Maria announced that this month has gone by too quickly, and she intends to continue Halloween celebrating indefinitely. I see no reason to disagree. She doesn't know that I've planned some treats for her, too, and I hope they add something special to her celebration.
Our Thistle was getting abused, right on top of her sweet head. Somehen was pecking her. Thankfully, it didn't go too far, and has stopped, but do you see? The few feathers she lost came back white. It brought to mind articles I've been reading about trauma, recovery, healing, and how we shouldn't dismiss the hard effects of pain from physical injury, emotional abuse, even long term or intense stress can leave a mark on our physiology.
Have you considered how you can help yourself, and others, in the days leading up to the election, and after? I've been checking in with a friend, who is a therpapist, and she is suggesting people take Wednesday off, to rest, to turn to supportive family, friends. In the next few days create options for time away from media, from fretting, feeling overwhelmed. Eat well. Sleep. Walk or play, get to some nature, make room for fun, distracting, fun activities, that give your system time to recover... I am pretty sure I will need to re-read this more than once this week.
Thistle, welcome to the gray lady club. We are wearing our warrior feathers.
I've spent a lot of time thinking about how to make Halloween fun, especially for young people. Fun, and still safe, comfortable. Safe distancing, and not exchanging things are the two main issues. I was hearing about people passing candy through PVC tubes, and... sorry, that seemed eh. Fortunately for us, in these circumstances, we don't see trick-or-treaters in this neighborhood, so we only need a one time kind of candy distribution. Trick-or-Treating, let's admit, has an element of mischief, and I wanted to keep that intact. Piñatas have an element of mischief, too. And! Piñatas are ideal for stand back safely protocol! Thankfully, William reminded me that we had leftover papier-mâché forms, so I only needed to construct reinforcements, paint, add decorations, fill with candies (poured, untouched, directly from the bag) and affix with a wire for hanging. After my hands got covered in glue and paint, I stopped taking pictures. This project was really fun, and because I didn't want to make it too precious to destroy, it went quickly, easily. Actually, I am already thinking of making another. A turkey, a snowglobe? Spencer, Bex, and Simon are bringing their own stick and blindfold, and bags to collect their treats. We can all stand back, swinging the pumpkin head from a rope, while the kids strike for chocolates!
October 29th, and the Blue Moon is already looking large, beautiful. All week we have been watching Harry Potter movies. I carved one pumpkin, mostly for the roasted seeds. I like how the Jack-o-lantern's face turned out. I think we will carve more today. And last night we watched the final movie in the series. I can't believe I never saw the last three movies! Ok. That was the upper limit for scary, and suspenseful for me. Besides, I'm getting too much of the same in the real world. Walk or play, get to some nature, make room for fun, distracting, fun activities, that give your system time to recover. I freely admit, I am a sensitive buttercup. No shame.
I am so glad we have plans for the day, and other good things to look forward to.

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