Tuesday, October 27, 2020

October Nights and Days

Normally I go to great pains to get every photograph in order, by date. These are a jumble. But the compulsion is strong, for order, so... I will say that these are days and nights from early October, Bambi's birthday, up until the 9th or 10th. It's hard to keep it straight. I am learning an entirely new way of posting photos, which is both more difficult, but also easy. Different is not always easy, even if it might turn out for the better. And! Please, recall that the updated Blogger does not help me with autocorrect. I'm sorry. I feel as though I am posting about small things, quibbling with myself. Maybe it's only small things I can manage to notice. Big things are too plentiful, too consequential. Does everyone, anyone, feel thin, fatigued?

Here are many moments to remind me that we have danced by moonlight, lit fires, put out fires, voted, celebrated, cleaned, and made messes. The hens are laying rainbows, the cats are making peace. We have paints, and threads, hammers, seeds, and pots to cook in. Here are good things, and hopes. Next year, I hope to read this post and almost cringe... cringe to recall how scared and sad I felt about the state of the world, politics, a pandemic, apathy, malice. I hope I can laugh, and say, Wasn't I silly to worry? Weren't we happy, and safe, and now we are safe, and happy, and sharing more, caring more? Things are not so bad as we feared.
October 13, when the Moon danced with Venus, before the sun rose.

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