Wednesday, March 17, 2021


My apron... my wunder schürze! It's like wearing a cabinet of curiosities, because I am filling it up with curiosities and favorite delights, like birds, planets, bunnies and flowers. And I just finished the Moon and Sun, and the Morning Star, Venus.
Speaking of wonders and curiosities... one of the (many) bunnies that resides in our garden has started collecting the haircut trimmings, dry grass, and soft tufts of clover, in large mouthfuls. Shes' doing this in plain sight, and has the cats absolutely captivated. I became captive to her activities, too, and I just had to know what she was up to. It was obvious this was nesting activity, but she was doing this in such an open spot, and it took a little patience to realize her plan. William has been painting, and after the rain, he spread out his very large canvas tarp, draping it over the garden wall, temporarirly so it could dry. Mrs Rabbit is building her nest in the narrow tunnel beneath the tarp and against the base of the raised bed. The tarp is really big, you guys! But she's commanding a teeny bunny size section of it, and we will never ever disturb her nursery... not until we see her children grown, and packed for college! She is so darling. I made a "Reel" of her working, for Instagram, and I hope you can watch it. I wish I could post the Reels directly on the blog, because I am having a lot fun composing them. This one is of another bunny that was hanging out among the chicas.
Can you tell? That I am resolved to make the most free-form, groovy sun ever imagined? I am thinking of seeds and grains, of diatoms, of flares and prominence, of sunspots, and the corona. When it came to the Moon, I drew on actual textures and craters, but obviously very simplified. It's all very satsfying and random, yet intentional. It feels like happiness. I am happy in the moments when the stitches come out, one after another, and things take shape.
We are still cooking, still eating in. And Bambi and Alex are still turning to Heroes' Feast, the Dungeons and Dragons cookbook, and Galaxy's Edge, the Star Wars cookbook. Last night Bambi made a spinach salad that I love! And Maria and I helped Alex make Nerf Kabobs. Do you get the reference? Leia, and a certain Wookie? These things are so yummy! Alex makes them using Beyond meat, a vegan choice, and Maria fixed some using ground turkey. I am ordering more metal skewers, because we are all out of wooden chopsticks, and I know this recipe is going to be a regular on our menu!
Max is preparing for his internship. Have I mentioned that he got an internship? We are so proud of him, happy for him. He's teaching himself programming, and filling out a lot of forms and documents. And he needed a headshot, something with a white background. I stood him in front of our outdoor movie screen. It's not even remotely white, 11 years after we built it, but I think it worked fine. I miss taking pictures of people. Visitors come in masks, and we sit far apart, usually after dark. And us, here at home... well, I am aware, and want to be respectful of, the intimacy of photography. We don't have the same space, nor privacy, being 7 people in the same house, all the time. And, maybe, we aren't always wearing "public" faces. I don't know how to explain this... are you taking as many people pictures as ever? Have the lockdowns changed your photography habits? Anyway, I think the Grandparents will love seeing someone besides chickens and cats... love seeing a grandson, a familiar face. I know I love seeing him... my baby son. He is a wonder, a joy. I can't help feeling a rush of affection, and awe for this young man. We go way back.


Anonymous said...

Great pics, great detail. Your camera is amazing...or maybe it's the photographer's skill! Very fine picture of Max. Love that face! So proud of him.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

My camera is amazing... Geoff is so sweet about always letting me be the one to get the new phone when anyone needs a replacement, then he takes mine, and down the line, everyone gets an upgrade.