Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Feels Like Summer

We have enjoyed a couple of days that have a summer feel to them. The sun came out, and the days are growing longer. Spencer and Bex are finished with school, though Spencer shares that he's still going to do homework, because he wants to get ahead. He's got good plans. And Geoff is on break. Have I mentioned? It's sort of hard to tell, because he keeps as busy as ever, and of course, he is home, like usual. Simon, Maria, Leo, Amira... our high school scholars, are still in school, but not for much longer. I think that while Simon is studying, maybe Bex and Spencer can come around more often, have something different to do, hanging out with me and Grace. We could read, and craft, and like we read in The Summerfolk, on Saturday, we could lie on our backs, stare at the sky, and get our heads nice and empty. I'd like that. Plans, and no plans... good idea.

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Davey Bacaron Designs said...

Love seeing the kids having fun!