Monday, May 24, 2021

We Went To a Place!

We went to a place, and it wasn't the market, or a doctor's office. It wasn't any place that was essential, prescribed, necessary, planned, nor familiar! And this is the first time something like this has happend since February 2020, probably. I am confessing that either we are incredidbly cautious or terribly dull. I won't say which! Furthermore, we got out of the car. Geoff and I rode up the coast, and parked near the end of Carlsbad Boulevard, masked up, and started walking... all around the Village, up and down the streets, peering into shops, and saying things like, "How have we never walked here before," and "That looks like a good place to come back to." We liked the Ohana Creations shop, a place I will return to for leis, or just to hear the sweet, familiar Aloha when we step in. We saw new construction, and old places getting fixed up, places that looked intriguing, inviting, inspiring. Then we came upon an area where we felt drawn, where we were so intrigued and inspired, we began to speculate. I think Geoff and I enjoy speculating... it's a figurative venture, where we can test theories and possibilities. Here's a place called "State Street Makers," where small shops and studios are clustered together, and the spaces, collectively, feel full of possibility, and the chance of creative camaraderie! Clearly, we miss Maker Faires, and similar gatherings. And I think, too, we are just on the brink of making something more of all our creative, artsy, maker, robotic, outreach and play impulses. We get ideas, lots of ideas, and then a place like this reveals itself and we feel lit up, pulled in. We ask, What do we want to be when we grow up? Seems like we went to a place, literally, then figuratively. At the very least it was a healthy walk, and pretty outing, but I like the new ideas, and speculating, so that in my mind, I feel like I am still visiting some place new.


impguin finnell said...

Your blog has become one of the ones I read daily. I enjoy the antics of the animals and love your beautiful photos, especially of the flowers. Thank you for sharing your bit of life!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you! Sometimes I worry how motivated the slightest encouragement will make me! (lol)
I am sitting here thinking *yay! I have so many more flowers to share, and the animals are full of antics!*