Wednesday, May 26, 2021

New Trails

Some new trails have opened up recently. It took us a while to make our way out to visit them, but it was worth the wait. A lot of work has been going on to restore the San Elijo Lagoon and Reserve, where the Escondido Creek meets the Pacific Ocean, as well making changes to the Freeway, trails adjacent to the Lagoon, and the rails. We are beginning to see the positive results, like more trails for walking, and greater access to more parts of the Lagoon. I often wax poetic about places I love, places I fantasize about moving to, (I'm looking at you, Honoka'a, Portland, Madison!) but the truth is our own community is pretty sweet and I know I would soon miss all of the great Natural features, climate, friends, culture, and opportunities we enjoy here. I have a feeling these local spaces are going to be very popular, again, this Summer, but lucky for us it's still Spring, and if you don't know this already... California in the Fall is amazing, and much quieter! We're lucky to have these spaces to enjoy all year round.


Little Dorrit does... said...

Ooh, it looks like a great place to go for a walk, and your photos are so evocative, especially the views through the tunnel. I had a look on the website at the virtual hike through Annie's Canyon - ideal for the likes of Grace, but pretty challenging for humans! The pandemic certainly seems to have generated a greater appreciation for outdoor spaces like this - the woodland/park where I walk is much more well-used than it used to be.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Are you picturing what I've been picturing? Grace Hopper on a nature trail?? You know, there are no signs explicitly forbidding it, so I have been tempted to bring her on an outing. The trouble is there are plenty of rules about not disturbing the native plants they are trying to recover and protect... Grace would not be able to control her appetites, I'm afraid!
Annie's Canyon is a gem, and surprisingly challenging in parts! It's not impossible, but after hiking a wide open trail, that's fairly level, the tight twists and brief but steep ascents in the Canyon definitely take an extra measure of will and quad power! I would love to see what a little goat would make of the challenge!
Hopefully, all of our trails and natural spaces will not only see greater use, but much greater appreciation, and protection.

Ruth said...

Lovely pictures. Happy trails to you!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you, Ruth!
It almost does feel as though we are off on literal and figurative paths and trails. Recently, life has gotten busy(her). Maybe it's partly an end of the school year rush, and Geoff being on his break... brief thing it was, too.

kestrel said...

What a lovley place to be in. The yellow wild flowers (?) are amazing. We seldom find a field of wild flowers here in Malaysia. We go on walking trails here but in forests as it s much cooler. Dropping in from Malaysia

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Kestrel! Hello!
Thank you for dropping in. Those are wild flowers... a daisy variety. I should learn their proper name, as I enjoy seeing them bloom every spring. I would love to go hiking in some cooler forests