Saturday, May 01, 2021

May Garden

Did you notice? I am growing chamomile! I cannot be sure when my crush began, but in recent years I have been utterly smitten with these darling blossoms, with their fragrance, with the varities of petals, and button centers, with drying them, and making a cup of tea, even sketching and painting them. The only thing I hadn't managed to do was grow them... a frustrating fact. I was particularly keen on growing them from seed. Well, this year, with seeds from Renee's Garden, (not a sponser... I just love their pretty illustrated seed packets.) I have at least two plants succeeding. And then, when I made a visit to a favorite nursery, I found potted chamomile, and I could not resist. They were already sturdy sprouts, very leafy, but without flowers, yet! Well, now they are blooming, and... LOOK AT THEM! sorry for shouting. What's a good way for expressing when something makes you tingle with excitement, so the vibrations bubble to the surface, raising your voice, your energy, your spirits? I feel on full volume about those little flowers.

Being as lucky as ever in my garden, I admit that I have been record-breaking low-key about all of it. Sure, I planted some seeds, and added seedlings, but I stuck to sure bets, like peas, and spinach, beets. I let lots of things just reseed and pop back up from last year. Our climate is so mild, some annuals act like perennials. It's nice to grow whatever is happiest without me fussing, and leave the rest of our produce needs to the dedicated farmers. We will probably be seeing the spoon tomatoes come back strong, and all of the fruit trees, except Old Apricot, are full of good starts. And I love that the garden is full of ladybugs, some dandy grasshoppers, bluebirds, hummers, and owls, the bees, and lots of bunnies. It is a May Garden, and these are days to take notice of all the goodness.

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