Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thank Goodness For Gardens, Water, and Light

My mommy was going to be here today, for my brothers' and son's birthdays and for a promotion, for hugs and catching up, before she had to go back to Oregon to start a new job. Sunday night we got a call/s... it's a blur. Geoff told me she'd been in an accident, "She's okay." That's what we have to hear to save us from collapsing: She's okay. He's okay. It's okay. And considering what happened it is a miracle she is okay, though she is a long way from all better. My dad drove through the night to be with her, and my brother flew the next day. My other brother (happy birthday bro!) is going to be with her today.

Your prayers and healing thoughts would be much appreciated. For her, for me.

It's amazing how many times my mom has made the 20 hour drive, to come and see us, to help with babies, to visit and celebrate, to connect, and I always worry about those winding roads, the logging trucks, the long days... I think of how much love she has for us that she does this so regularly to see me and the kids and my brothers, their families, her mom and sister. We always wish for an opportunity to find some place where we can all be neighbors. We think it would be so wonderful to find each other in the same town or neighborhood, just around the corner, a short walk away.

It's a tremendous comfort to me that her husband is with her and caring for her. And I was glad Bill could fly up for a quick visit, to hold her hand. If she didn't have their company I would not hesitate to abandon everything and be with her. Instead I am trying to get my ducks chicks (thanks Pam!) in a row.

Fortunately we do not have to move. Garybob, the landlord, was appeased with an increase in the rent. We are still trying to make our trailer on land deal happen. It manages to get more complicated by the day. I say "I am detached," but of course that is a lie. In truth, my heart is saying Please, please, please let us make this our home. It's a mess, but we can fix it in time. Please. Please... I dunno.

So, let's see... I got the car serviced, which was a bit overdue, so that's good. Today I go to get my tooth serviced... somehow I don't think this will be as fast and easy as the oil change and tune-up. My visits with my crappy dentist of 4 years ago are haunting me again... have I ever shared the story of how he drilled through to my sinuses? He didn't say a thing and only stopped when Alex asked, "Why is my mommy bleeding so much?" Yeah, that's a good story!

There is an overwhelming amount of cannot be postponed school paper work that has to be turned in, checked-off, stamped and triple signed.

Alex's birthday is Thursday. He already knows his modest party is going to be postponed. He didn't complain at all, but I saw that look... the one that a mom always wants to turn into a smile. I can tell he's bummed.

My best friend didn't wait to be asked. She'll watch the cats, the 2 birds, the rabbit. I'll take care of the chicks. Don't ask. Seriously. I have some hard decisions to make.

I will not be driving to Chicago. For months I have been drawing up itineraries and deciding on routes, and I have also been thinking, Am I nuts?! Yes, a lot of waffling, but with strong leanings toward being with everyone in Chicago and then Wisconsin. Geoff is going and he'll be gone for a week. The children and I will be missing Geoff and a Midwest family memorial for Jim, Corm.

And in Mexico, my abuelos will have family, except for us, gathering to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. S e v e n t y! !Setenta años¡ Felicidades abuelos.

I hope I can get those chicks in a row, tie up loose ends and be ready to leave to Santa Rosa, then Oregon, by Friday. I think my screaming tooth might be the biggest obstacle. The children are such good travelers, so helpful and easy. We'll pack the bare minimum and be prepared to go with the flow, hopefully making things easier for my mom by cooking and cleaning and renting lots of movies, adjusting pillows, pulling slugs out of her garden!

Lola's Garden is looking so beautiful. Did you know that cosmos are drought tolerant, that they even thrive in bad soil? It's comforting, somehow, to know that good things are possible, even in less than ideal times and places.


  1. I wish your mom a speedy recovery. Hugs!

  2. Get those chicks in a row and be off with you! Your mama needs you. Hugs to you and mom and to Alex for being a trooper and not complaining about the postponement to his big day!

  3. Hugs for you... I'm sorry everything is topsy-turvy right now. Maybe you can get some down time when you get your visit... and good luck with the dentist!

  4. I love you Natalie.
    be brave, and everything will be all right with time. I hope Maria gets her apron today! I will say a prayer for you and your Mom and that everything be healed quickly. love, your cyber sister, kim

  5. Take care, drive safely, and I hope everything turns out okay. A big hug from me.

  6. praying for you and your family natalie....

  7. So Alex and I have a date in common :-) I was a little surprised to read that you wrote "thank goodness we don't have to move". I thought moving was high on your list, but perhaps the timing isn't the best. Hang in there, friend. And hugs to you and your dear mom.

    By the way, I came across the first comment exchange we had back in July '07 :-)

  8. Prayers para tu mami, hugs for all, Happy Birthday claps for your beautiful Alex. Oh yes, and a magazine subscription for you, which can now be arranged since you are not moving. XO

  9. So sorry to hear about your mom, but thankfully she will recover. Our thoughts are with you and her!!!

  10. I can't wait for the universe to shine down goodness upon you and your family. I think you're about due!

  11. Praying for a speedy recovery for your Mom! Sending out prayers for all your family. Take care and God bless!

  12. Hugs to your and your Mama, and also to birthday Alex for Thursday.

    What a worry with your Mum injured, I hope she makes a good and steady, even a rapid recovery.

    Big loves and hugs to you all (I'm glad you're not moving now - its the last thing you need)

    drive carefully, thinking of you

    PS did I tell you I saw a child IDENTICAL to your Max in my local supermarket this week? Has he been time travelling to Perth Western Australia? I almost stopped to ask him where you were, and then realized that would be quite silly...

  13. Bless your heart and I'm praying for your Mom's quick recovery. Take care...

  14. This outpouring of prayers and kindness is doing wonders for me, and I look forward to sharing your good wishes with my mommy. Everything is falling into place, more or less, so we will be with her soon. I really am bolstered by your thoughtful comments. Thank you.

  15. Thinking of you today. You're going to need a nap later, Ms. 4:08 AM!

  16. Lifting you and your mom in prayer that healing will be swift and travel will be safe....a little added prayer that the dentist will be swift and effective too! ;-)


  17. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your mama! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and that you can be with her soon. Tell Alex Happy Birthday from his auntie and cousins! Lots of Love, Tina

  18. Whoa -- I turn my back for a moment -- a second! -- and this happens? Thank goodness your mom IS all right; holy smokes already. Yes yes yes, do take care of your own self, too, and be careful and drive carefully and know that you are ALL in our thoughts and best wishes and hugs. And Alex, too, for a birthday delayed. And then, so okay, you're staying put for a little while anyway so that's one thing off the worry list. Be careful, ok? And big hugs for your mama.

  19. Oh dear, it must be awful to hear news like that! I hope your mother will recover soon...
    It's hard for us Belgians to imagine the distances people in the US have to cross to see family and friends. If we drive for 20 hours, we arrive in the south of Europe, a completely different world to ours...
    I wish you all the best!



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