Thursday, June 12, 2008

In Case of Fire...

Happy Birthday Alex!

That's not what Alex woke to this morning. No, what he and everyone else woke to was me calling, "Geoff! There's a fire in the kitchen! Help!"*
My thoughts were immersed in a phone conversation with my grandmother, as she gave me the details and discussed her concerns about my mom's condition, when the pre-heat bell on the oven sounded, I turned to see huge flames coming from the oven. "Uh. Grandma, I have to go. There seems to be a fire."

Alex's single wish and specification for his birthday was croissants for breakfast. Sweet boy. Easy request. But the proofing croissants dripped butter, apparently, and the butter pooled on the bottom of the oven, and that is what caught on fire. The house filled with smoke... interesting to note we do not have smoke detectors. Stinky, stinky smoke and the croissants, that had looked so puffy and ready to bake, collapsed in a dejected heap... they looked sad, but not as sad as Alex.

Everyone put on shoes, drag a comb across your head. We are going to the French bakery. Thank goodness we have a French bakery to go to.

I cannot shelter them from the sad news, the series of unfortunate events. I cannot hide my anxiety and gloss over the setbacks, though I do try. Believe it or not, I do spare even Chickenblog all of the tragedies and gory details. But life is an uneven journey and in case of fire, gather your loved ones and make a new plan. Never give up. Never surrender!

*Geoff said, "You should have taken a picture of the flames for Chickenblog."
I laughed and said, "Oh, yes. That would say so much about me: I didn't have the wherewithal to throw baking soda on the fire, but here's a cool picture I took!"


Andylynne said...

Was gone for a few days, missed your moms accident, so sorry for the scary news. I pray for cintinued blessings on her recovery.
Your so right life is ups and downs and the path is never straight and easy all the time. After catching up on you, & your mom, Max and his birthday. Not to forget the chickens and the guessing game of Amelia or Amelio. Sounds as if you have life under (semi) control and that is as good ast it gets most times. Well at least until one of those golden days that seem to click perfectly, about once a year for me :)God bless you and yours.

Geoff said...

Minor distinction: we DO have smoke detectors, they just didn't work...

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Alex. Yours is one for memories, for many good hearty laughs still shared years and years from now. Be honest -- is there something we could send you from Massachusetts or Maine? Hope the French Bakery was even better than what you wished for, and that all the adventures from here on out are the wonderful kind.

Geoff -- time to replace batteries, or just buy your own units?

Natalie -- hugs. And I am laughing with you, because what else can we do but laugh?

Mama Spark said...

HAHAHA, glad no one was seriously injured. Happy birthday to Alex. I agree with Geoff, where are the flaming photos??
Now tell Alex his birthday was almost as exciting as Kelsey's. The one where we were up north at my dad's place in the campground and there was a bomb threat!! We left and she forgot her blanket, tragic, I tell ya. One she *still* talks about!! Memorable, that's for sure.

amy smith said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Alex!
And baking soda? really? who knew?!

Laura Jane said...


Happy birthday Alex (its my birthday here today) Memorable hey?

You have to be alive to laugh! It could be worse.

Oh the calamity(ies)

Stay safe.

Photos woulda been good though...

Missy said...

Eek! Thank goodness it was snuffed before it was out of control.

Happy Birthday Alex! What an exciting birthday.

Natalie, continuing to lift your family in prayer for safe travel and quick healing.

Helen said...

Natalie tell your mom I am thinking about her and hope she recovers quickly.

Geoff Grandpa is mad at you...even from the grave....get some BATTERIES!

And last but certainly not least "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Alex, Happy Birthday to you.

Love Aunt Carol

nikkipolani said...

Happy birthday, dear Alex. You are more fortunate than you know. You have a Mom who is quick on her feet and has plan B and C and D... and most importantly, she knows how to get to the French bakery. And just think, now you have a memorable birthday! Hugs from your birthday twin.

Sara said...

Just stopped by to see what's been going on at The Chicken Blog, and oh my gosh! Quite a lot, I'd say!

Hope your mom's recovery continues apace and that all is well there.

I bet those were Trader Joe's croissants that burned up in your oven - yikes! But, how wonderful there is a French bakery to go to for Alex's birthday. I've seen two or three other birthdays mentioned out there in blog's a busy time of year for that.

Happy Birthday to Alex!

village mama said...

Happy Birthday Weekend Alex!

Tarie said...

Yum, yum croissants for breakfast. *drool* Happy Birthday, Alex!!! Please tell Alex that I am sending him warm wishes. :o)

How is your mom??? ...And, at least the fire didn't spread!

gloria said...