Wednesday, June 11, 2008

High Speed Internet, How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways...

In anticipation of being parted from my dear computer and all the fancy trimmings, I must make a long, long post.

To begin with I am filled and fortified... your kind comments and even phone calls have been so heartening. It's hard not being immediately by my mother's side and besides regular calls to her and talking to my brothers, it's been the thoughtfulness of friends and family, and the blogging community that have helped me remain calm, feel supported and keep things in perspective.

And I think the prayers and healing thoughts are doing a great deal of good. Delia's been taken out of ICU, and they are commencing physical therapy today. She has been fitted for a custom neck brace, and her husband is going through some lessons on how to help her. When I talked to her last night she was in good spirits. She had so many visitors! Bill (happy birthday bro!) Alison and Dominic, Hans, Becky, Dan and Grandmother... they were all there to visit and care for her. I think perhaps Ron got to have a bit of break too and that's good. Hans snapped a cell phone picture of himself and her... gee, it's been 37 years since the 2 of them were in a hospital together on a June 10th. They are smiling. I am relieved to know that she is recovering, but I feel such a lot of sadness knowing that there are going to be many hard days ahead. Healing is not always easy, and her injuries are significant. My poor mommy.

Who thinks Betty looks like she just stepped off the Tilt-A-Whirl? She is so loopy and goofy looking.

Uh-oh. I think she heard me. Don't get your feathers ruffled Betty. We love you.

Meeting our obligations and getting everything in order is going fairly well, and I think the plan to be available for my mom on a longer term basis is a good one. Geoff has helped me finalize travel details and with a few more errands, meetings and adjustments, I should be traveling north very soon. My infamous tooth is messed up, but my dentist and I agree the cure can wait, so that is good news. Of course seeing the cost estimate for the next appointment did little to ease the pain. Insert nervous laughter here.

Amelia is a much better flyer than what we saw last week! She's a little too good. A little too cocky. The suspense is making me nuts. Do we have pullets?

Or do we have cockerels? Anyone? I've read dozens of articles online. Vent checks. Feather checks. What about spurs? Do hens have spurs? There are several accounts of hens that have spurs and even hens that will crow!

Are these spurs? Those 2 pale spots on her ankles...
I keep imagining all 3 of them are roosters for one reason or another, but there is no conclusive evidence.

Now this is conclusive. One of our tadpoles is a frog. A teeny, tiny hopper.

The journey began April 13th and we now have one tadpole turned frog success. The rest of the tadpoles are in varying stages of development. This has been such a fun experience. And educational too... for the children, of course. The frog swims to Max's hand and sits there. Must be love.

She said it was coming! She dropped hints and left clues!

Can anyone really be prepared for a gift from Calamity Kim? Her heart overflows, onto fabric, onto paper and right in to our home. We were flying high just anticipating the arrival of this latest chicky-apron. Leave it to Kim to send so much more. All of the little touches and sweet messages were the nicest boost to our morale. Honestly we all sat together enjoying the unveiling of each token of Kim's talent and imagination.

That's Pip, Lola and Lady Betty Oprpington sitting amongst the daisies. And the chicken wire panels are pockets. Maria found a message from Kim in 1 pocket. It fits beautifully. It looks delightful. Thank you Kim. You really do make the world a better place.

Well, all these links, the swiftness of the server, my iPhoto and the ease of Googling and searching... what bliss! These diversions and reflections are keeping me sane... lol! Computer and server, I love thee a Googolplex! I may just have time to post once more before we head north, and after that it could get sketchy. Thank you again for keeping us in your prayers, for generosity beyond compare. We are blessed in a Googolplexian ways.


Claudia Porta said...

Dear Natalie, your comment on my blog made me cry! So heart warming... thank you so much, I will come and see you again!

amy smith said...

we will miss you more than you can know. do post when you can... give your mom a hug for me... praying for quick healing, and great visiting, and a fresh start, on so many fronts. love to you natalie...

Jennifer said...

It sounds as though you're heading north sooner than we can get our own care package to you, so we'll have to give you a rain check on that. Strangely (or not) it sounds like both of us will be driving north, up our respective coasts, at about the same time. Bookends, we'll be. I am worried for your mom and for her recovery but I know what it will mean to have you guys there to help her. How else can we help? said...

I am sorry to hear about your mom. You'll be in my prayers. We are still trying to find tadpoles! Maybe they have all turned into frogs already! What month did you collect them?
xo Mary

Tracy said...

Oh, Natalie...So sorry I' so slow getting here to find out your news...I'm so sorry your mom's been in an accident! You are probably already there with her. Thoughts and prayers to her that she will recover well of body and spirit after all this. That's a Calamity Kim treat if ever there was one--she makes such happy, fun things! Love Betty and Amelia...But the back end a Amelia...well, ahem...Not sure! hahaha...Love you, my friend. Be taking good care all of you ((BIG HUGS))

village mama said...

Noooo, please don't abandon us. No one else snaps chicas like you do. XO

calamitykim said...

I am so glad it fits!
Love to you and your chicks!
Love to your Mama
Prayers and welling wishes
xxxooo kim

Tarie said...

I love the animal pics. JP, Brian, and I used to have pet chicks and frogs ourselves. :o) And I love those creative goodies from Calamity Kim!

Your mom is also in my prayers, Natalie. May God bless her and heal her!

gloria said...



Em said...

Yeah, so - now I'm getting caught up... I love the apron you got! It's so cute with the chicas and chicken wire! Adorable! I'm starting to think that one chicken of yours might be a cockerel after all too... look at that comb growing on top too! Hmm... I hope it isn't, but you know it's hard to tell if it's not a 'guarantee' right?