Friday, June 13, 2008

Uh. Here We Are.

We are sprawled all over our room, the Best of the West. Or Rest of the West. It'll do. Every door has a very legible, neat little notice that reads "No Pets." Do you think that includes livestock? What can I say we I am a rebel.

Tomorrow we will rise with the sun, or sooner, and continue north. Maria has already asked "How many minutes we at Grandma's?" And 20 minutes later, "I wanna go home now." We'll be on the road again by 6 a.m., which Geoff realized means 7 a.m., and from the backseat William wisely cracked, "So, 8:30 it is!"

Important note: Geoff checked the batteries of all those smoke alarms that never went off. Everything is supposedly in working order, but I say we need back-up. And I would just like to laugh-out-loud, because in 6 years of blogging that was my dear husband's first comment. A correction! Ah, but he's making it up to me by escorting us all the way to Oregon!

Well, it's time for lights-out and I don't want to miss my corner of the double bed, so I am signing off. Sweet dreams all.


Mama Spark said...

Keep us up to date on the happenings! Safe travel to you and the fam!

amy smith said...

oh natalie! sounds like this could be quite an adventure!

Tarie said...

Road trip! Hurray! I hope you all have a great weekend. :o)


tea time and roses said...

Hi Natalie!

Had to stop by and say hello to you and the family! Have fun...I just know you will!



campbellgirl said...

Oh Natalie, you are BAD!

Hope your mum recovers quickly.

Safe travelling. xxx D.