Thursday, March 05, 2009

Our Very Own Beanerina

I will have to learn how to find (use? set-up? log on?) wifi in Europe, because I will definitely be wanting to look at these.

I find the deepest pleasure in watching my children enjoy life.


  1. Wow - the smallest and grandest of pleasures all in one!

    p.s. I loved your post on Paul's blog about the asteroid!

  2. Look at the hair on that girl!!! Just gorgeous, and in the second picture - it's almost like a Mona Lisa smile. She is the epitome of cute!

    I'd want to look at those pictures too, if I was away for even 10 minutes.

    Safe trip Natalie.


  3. She is beautiful! Wonderful photos, Natalie.

  4. She is just beautiful...a portrait of childhood at its best. :) Thankyou for sharing these photos.

  5. she is lovely! the times goes by soooo fast...enjoy :)


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